When you create any kind of text, whether it’s a fiction manuscript, a business proposal, or an annual report, it can be hard to edit or proofread your own writing. Your mind has an idea of how the text should look, and that can cloud what your eyes see on the page.


Your writing is often the first impression that people have of you in the age of email, internet marketing, and web sites. Reader-friendly text that is free of subtle (and not-so-subtle) grammatical errors can go a long way toward building your business’s repertoire with prospects and existing customers. If you are an author with a new book to publish, using an editor is the best way to prepare it for submission to traditional publishers or make it professional quality before you self-publish.


I work with all types of content, crossing Ts and dotting Is, gently polishing sentences, restructuring, making suggestions for improvement, ghostwriting sections, or all of the above, depending on what your text needs. My background is in technology, corporate social responsibility, and environment, although I can accommodate any area. I have worked with all types of business documents, such as market research reports, white papers, technical manuals, press releases, slide presentations and workbooks, and general correspondence. I have also provided full fiction and nonfiction book editing, including developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, and typesetting. I am a US citizen living in the UK, and “bilingual” between US and UK English.