IMGP2916I grew up in rural West Michigan, USA. I have been a language enthusiast since I was little, hand-writing stories on notebook paper for school and in my spare time. I continued to write fiction into my teenage years, and this evolved into a communications and writing specialization in college. As a student I dabbled in business writing, journalism, and communications, including writing articles and doing page layout at my local newspaper.

After moving to the UK in 2006, I was based in London for six years, building a career that started in administration and copywriting, and moved into PR and then editing. In PR I reviewed everything from client reports and feature articles to in-house business correspondence for grammatical imperfections, as well as working with clients and the media in a traditional PR capacity. As an editor I provided in-house support to a technology analyst firm, editing and proofreading market research reports and publishing them online.

The themes running through my background are technology, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. As a freelancer I have continued to edit business documents, as well as branching out to edit manuscripts.